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For more resources, check 2014 ELECTIONS.

Here is the blank form, 2014 CANDIDATES SURVEY. Our goal is to ask the candidates questions on the issues that affect both our families and your families.

What follows are links to candidate responses to our 2014 CANDIDATES SURVEY. Because of space limitations, the survey responses are more detailed than the voter guides we produce.  

House of Representatives – 01

House of Representatives – 10

House of Representatives – 11

Please notice that time for a candidate to respond has just about run out. That’s because it takes time to research the public positions of unresponsive candidates, design our voter guides, get the final versions of our voter guides printed, and distribute our voter guides to area churches.

We will soon complete the research phase and start preparing the voter guides for the printer. If you are a supporter of one of the unresponsive candidates above and you would like that candidate to complete our questionnaire, please contact that candidate soon and encourage them to send us the completed form. We happily welcome their response.